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Wow Air Review – A Budget Airline

How My Family Flew to EruBeing budget travelers, airfare is something that really stands in the way of me getting to travel the world as much as I would like to with my family.  Flights are just so darn expensive.  This year we literally flew to France and home for a combined price of what I paid for 1 ticket last year.  How’d I do it you ask?  I found a budget airline company called Wow Air and did a bunch of research, decided to give them a try and it has literally changed the way we will travel forever! I think you’ll be pretty impressed too.


Wow Air, have you heard of the company before? If not, here is what their website says about them:

“Wow Air is a low-fare and high performance airline based out of Iceland. The airline was founded in November 2011 and now connects over twenty five destinations across the US and Europe. WOW air is committed to providing the cheapest flights to and from Iceland and across the Atlantic, and doing so with a smile and providing a memorable service all the way. “

I’ve flown several “budget airlines” in the past and each one is as dingy and dismal as the last.  But not Wow Air.  My family and I were truly impressed with the whole experience. From the United States, you can only catch a flight on Wow Air from the Boston Logan Airport, LAX, San Francisco and the Washington D.C/Baltimore airport.  We live in NC so we decided to make the 6 hour drive to the BWI airport to catch our flight.  Even with the gas and food money, we were still on budget.  If you are anywhere within driving distance to one of the airports, it is worth checking in to.  There are many, many destinations in Europe that Wow Air flies to.  I’m going to leave the link here so you can check them out for yourself.


All flights also make a stop in Iceland before continuing on to the final destination.  This is a cool feature because you can extend the layover if you wish, for free, and see some of the amazing sights Iceland has to offer.  We didn’t do this but we absolutely plan to the next time we fly Wow Air.  We grabbed an excursion guide that was on one of our flights and they look so fun.  We want to do the northern lights tour and the Blue Lagoon. They were pretty economical as well.  It will be a fun extra day to our next European vacation.

Wow Air is able to keep costs down because everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is an additional charge. This is where you have to be very careful.  I wanted to pay for everything I could ahead of time via the website when booking so I would know the exact amount to be charged.  Each person is allowed 11 pounds of carry on luggage for free.  Anything over that weight is an extra fee.  You also should note, this is 1 carry on bag, not a purse and a carry on.  They will make you combine bags to be weighed at the ticketing counter.  If you want to check bags, this is an additional charge and you are only allowed 44 pounds per bag.  It’s also cheaper to pay for the bags when you book online versus making a last minute decision to take one and pay for it at the ticketing counter.  We paid for my husband and I each to have a bag checked which seemed like enough at the time but 44 pounds really does go quickly.  Next time we fly Wow Air, we will also pay for my daughter to have a checked bag to allow for a little wiggle room.  We also paid for our seat assignments.  It seemed like most people did and I would have hated for us to be separated during such long flights.  There is also no complimentary beverage or food service on the flight.  We packed snacks from home (which did eat into our 11 pounds of carryon a little bit) and ate right before we got to the airport. Because our flight was an evening flight and we ate dinner at a normal hour, our snacks were just enough to tide us over until we arrived in France.  We spent $14.00 at the airport on drinks before we boarded the flight. Once you’ve already checked in to your flight and made it through security, you are also allowed one duty free bag per person.  We bought 5 bottled waters and 1 soda per person for the flight which stayed cold in the duty free bags.  While the drinks weren’t very expensive on the flight, about 2 bucks, we were happy to have bigger ones for about the same price.

One other thing to keep in mind if you are traveling with Wow Air, is that there is no in-flight entertainment.  No televisions with touch screen, movies, tv shows and games, no music, no nothing.  This is why I will always say you have to do the research.  Because I read the entire Wow Air website and combed the internet for information, I was well aware of this.  We downloaded new movies to the iPads, brought games like Sudoku and word searches, packed books and even the rainbow loom with a new how to book made it into the bag.  And it was fine.  We survived and actually had fun.  We even talked to each other a bit and it was nice.  With that being said, I know there were people on our flight that didn’t know about the no frills that came along with the budget price tag and they were in for a rude awakening.  They were also very rude to the flight attendants about it.  Don’t be that person, be informed and do the research.  One nice thing is that there were iPads for rent ($17USD) that came with movies downloaded and wifi included.  In my opinion, that’s a good value and they could sell that service for much more.


The airplane itself was spacious and clean.  I had much more room than I’ve ever had flying a budget airline like Spirit or Frontier.  There were outlets under every seat to keep devices charged.  The crew were so friendly and they looked so posh in purple.  You’ll soon realize there is purple everywhere when it comes to Wow Air.  Like I said in the beginning of this very long post, I couldn’t have been more happy with the way I spent my travel money.

My family of three flew to France and home in April for just at $1700.  That’s with all fees and baggage included.  Did your mouth just drop? Were you just dancing for joy that you might be able to actually afford a flight out of the United States?  I know right?!  The cost breaks down to $566.67 round trip per person.  It still blows my mind.  We spent so much more on that last year and I thought I got a good deal then.  It was great and we can’t wait to travel again via Wow Air.




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