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Royal Caribbean International Majesty of the Seas Weekend Getaway Review

Hey friends! I just got back from a weekend cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas.  We were supposed to go skiing, but since I actually don’t enjoy that too much I devised a plan to convince my friends we needed to go on a last minute cruise instead.  If you have a flexible schedule, booking a last minute cruise is a really affordable way to get to another country.  We were able to book this cruise, the same week it was leaving, for about $300 per person.  If you think about it, that’s a great deal!  Included in the price was all the food we could eat around the clock, an interior cabin, stewardesses that waited on us hand and foot, shows and activities and the actual travel to two islands in the Bahamas. Even though $300 per person seems like a great deal and it was, I have been able to book for less so always keep your eye out.

While I am a veteran on other cruise lines like the Disney Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line, this was my first time experiencing a Royal Caribbean International vacation.  The ship we were on was the Majesty of the Seas and has been in services since 1992 although she was refurbished a little bit in 2016.  The Majesty of the Seas was definitely the smallest cruise ship that I have personally been on but it still had a nice variety of activities to keep our whole family busy.


The highlight of the ship, for my daughter and her best friend, was the rock climbing wall.  There are several levels of climbing areas so it really did cater to all types of climbers.  When you first arrive in this area, waivers need to be filled out.  To climb, you must be wearing dry clothes and socks.  So no going back and forth from the pool to the rock climbing wall. Addie was a little scared at first and I really appreciated how patient and encouraging the staff was with her.  Once she reached the top and rang the bell, they erupted with lots of cheering for her which was really nice. You could do the rock climbing wall as many times as you wanted and the staff gave the girls new challenges each time they took a turn.  My daughter and her friend loved it so much, they wanted to go back and do it again and again.  The rock climbing wall does have limited hours, you’ll want to be sure to check the cruise compass (itinerary) for that.


I also really enjoyed the pool deck of this ship.  It was a little too cold and a little too rainy to swim much and the pool was not heated but I enjoyed the layout of this area.  On the Majesty of the Seas, there’s two swimming areas, 4 hot tubs and a splash pad with a very small water slide.  The main pool has a swim up area where you could sit and have drinks or watch your kids which I thought was pretty cool.  If you have small children, I think you’ll really enjoy the splash pad area but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to keep my 9 year old interested.  The water slide is much smaller than any other ship we’ve ever been on.  The best feature of this area is the 4 hot tubs.  The way they were layed out in the pool area was perfect.  You could see the pool, the splash pad, the chairs, and the big on deck movie screen perfectly depending on which tub you were sitting in.  On the rainy day we had, we spent the morning soaking in the tub watching Pete’s Dragon on the screen.  This was a highlight of our on ship time.  If you’re thinking you want to enjoy the hot tubs, here’s a tip – try to get in them in the morning.  We ate breakfast pretty early and all of the hot tubs were fairly empty but once afternoon time rolled around there was absolutely no luck cramming in one of the four tubs.  They were always packed solid.  Morning time is best, and I felt like it was cleaner then too.


I know I am the odd man out when I say that I don’t really enjoy the food on cruises.  Buffets, in general, gross me out and I’m a pretty picky eater so the fancy dining room selections can be tricky for me to navigate.  If I had to rank the food on the cruises I’ve been on the Disney Cruise Line gets first place, Royal Caribbean gets second place and Carnival gets last.   The Majesty of the Seas had plenty of options like the Windjammer buffet area, the Compass Deli, Sorrento’s Pizza, the main dinning rooms and even a Johnny Rockets.  When you board the ship, only the Windjammer buffet is open so I was afraid I would be getting off to a rocky start.  Surprisingly, the buffet selections weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be.  I ended up settling on spaghetti with meat sauce and a dinner roll for my lunch and it was pretty good.  I really enjoyed the pizza selections once Sorrento’s opened up.  This pizza was the best I’ve ever had on a cruise ship, and I made sure to grab some pretty much every time I walked past.  The main dining room offered a wide selection when it came to dinner.  There was always signature menu items for the day but then offered a variety of other options to choose from.  My family and I sampled lots of menu items and I thought most of them were great.  Aside from the pizza, I think this is the best place to grab a meal while on the ship.  We also had lunch at Johnny Rockets one day.  For a $6.99 cover charge, you got to order anything off of the menu excluding milk shakes and soda – those were an additional charge, of course.  The menu was smaller than a typical Johnny Rockets but offered some of their most popular suggestions.  The food was good except our french fries were severely under cooked, which seemed to be a trend on the boat during the whole trip.


To stay budget friendly, we booked an interior cabin which mean you can’t see the light of day.  This isn’t my favorite way to travel but for a 3 night vacation it really wasn’t bad.  The stateroom itself was tiny, the smallest I’ve ever stayed in.  You could stand in the door and basically be in the bathroom and touch the bed at the same time.  It also wasn’t the cleanest room I’ve stayed in but some lysol wipes fixed that.  Another downside to the room was there were only 2 outlets to plug things in at.  3 people and 2 plugs don’t work out.  Plus, the plugs were loose so noting stayed in them.  It was frusterating to say the least.  A cruise tip I didn’t follow was to pack a power strip.  Never again will I not do that.


This particular weekend, the Majesty of the Seas was sailing to Nassau Bahamas and the island Coco Cay which is Royal Caribbean’s private island.  I personally like Nassau and was excited to spend a day doing some of my favorite things there.  We had a great time again and I’ll be doing a blog post soon of my favorite budget friendly activities there.  What I was really looking forward to was adding a new island to my travel check list, but unfortunately the weather turned bad and we were unable to spend a day at Coco Cay.  Because the ship doesn’t actually dock at the island, you have to take tinder boats back and forth.  There was a cold front coming in that brought some wind, rain and high seas and the Captain deemed it unsafe.  So instead of visiting the island, we had a fun day at sea.  Of course, I was extremely disappointed but safety is always a priority so we made the best of the day and enjoyed the hot tub, movies and all of the extra on board activities throughout the day.


All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed our time sailing with Royal Caribbean and my daughter enjoyed the unlimited ice cream.  I feel like it’s a step up from a Carnival cruise in a lot of ways.  I am looking forward to the day when I can try some of their newer boats that have a lot more on board activities to keep us busy.  Do you like to go on cruises? Which cruse line is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below or on my social media pages!

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