Paris Must Do: Angelina Tea House

I’ve visited Paris various times throughout my life.  My obsession with France started at a very young age and my mother helped cultivate that in me by sending me for the first time when I was in 5th grade to be apart of a foreign exchange program.  I lived with a family that I had never met and that didn’t speak English for 3 weeks.  It was scary and amazing and I really think that is when my love of travel started.


Before I head out on a vacation now, I love to use Pinterest to help me plan!  I’ve found so many places to visit that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise and the pictures help get my family really excited.  That’s where I first discovered a tea room in Paris called Angelina.  I wasn’t sure if my husband would go for a ritzy tea house but I budgeted it in and added it to the itinerary anyways. Mama gets to have a little fun too right?  Turns out my husband actually like it more than I do and we talked about going back literally every day for 365 days until we visited again.  It was fun going back exactly 1 year later!

The backstory to Angelina is a great one.  You can read the full story here but to sum it up, it was opened in 1903 and named after the daughter in law of the owner.  It very quickly became where the upper class rubbed shoulders and maybe is best known for where Coco Chanel spent a lot of her time. The Angelina Tea Room has several locations now worldwide and in Paris.  I recommend visiting the location right across from the Tuileries – 226 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris.   It’s my favorite and the real deal Parisian experience.


Probably the most famous of all the dishes at Angelina’s is the African Hot Chocolate.  I kid you not, it’s like nothing you’ve ever had before.  It’s a secret formula made from 3 different types of cocoa and it’s so thick and rich, you’d never be able to drink the whole (small) pot by yourself.  Which is a good thing because the hot chocolate comes at a hefty price of 8 euros.  It’s technically for one person but we’ve always asked to share and it’s never been a problem.  You can get 2 and a half tea cups out of one order plus a little dab of unsweetened whipped cream to dab on top.  The hot chocolate is very different from the Swiss Miss version that you and I are used to.   The flavor is strong and to be honest, my daughter doesn’t care for it.  It’s definitely a more grown up flavor.  If you think the African hot chocolate might be too strong of a flavor for you, try the white hot chocolate instead. It’s buttery and smooth and every bit as delicious as it’s counterpart.  Better yet, try both and see which one you like best.  If you are visiting with the whole family, there is a full menu of bakery treats and ice cream to choose from.  My daughter loves the sorbets they have to offer.  There is really something here to please even the pickiest of snackers.



The tea room is absolutely beautiful inside, I felt like I stepped back in time to how Paris must have been back in the day.  Now you might be thinking this sounds like a very ritzy place, and it is but at the same time it’s for the casual person too.  I love it because even though we were dressed in jeans we were treated just as well as the table next to us who were in business suits.  It’s also a family friendly place.  The staff made such a fuss over my daughter while she was there, she felt like a queen.  She spoke a little french to the waiter and he just ate it up.  He even brought her a plate full of macarons to sample for free.  Despite what people say, Paris is a child friendly city!  This past trip, we also visited 2 times in a row and loved every last sip of it.  Our bill for ice cream, hot chocolate, tax and tip is usually around 28 Euros.  I try to plan out most things that we do before we leave for vacation so I know what to expect.  I knew we wanted to enjoy treats twice at Angelinas so I went to their website and priced everything out before hand.  I knew exactly how much we would spend, this is the best thing to do if you are a budget traveler.

If you are traveling to Paris anytime soon, put a visit to Angelina in your itinerary now! You wont regret it.


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