My Fantasy Bands Review

Hey guys!  Guess what?  Next week, I am off on another Disney adventure over Christmas.  Ahh, I just love spending Christmas day at Walt Disney World, there is nothing like it.  If you haven’t experienced it yet, you must add it to your bucket list.  Yes, it is incredibly busy but everyone is in the holiday spirit and it’s just so fun.

Since we’ve been for many Christmases before, we have a lot of plain red and green MagicBands.  I wanted to surprise my family, this year, by sprucing them up a little bit.  Because I love Disney so much, I follow a lot of small businesses that make and sell Disney related products like shirts, ears and decals.  One company I’ve been following called, My Fantasy Bands, makes cute decals that you can put on your Magic Bands.


The MagicBand decals come in tons of designs and patterns.  It was fun browsing all the variety but I was on a mission for Christmas ones!  I found there to be a good mix of girly Christmas decals and decals that would work for the guys joining us on this trip.  When ordering, it’s good to know that you’ll need 2 for each band.  They aren’t sold as sets.  This is cool because you can mix and match styles to create your perfect band.  I did that with the blue snowflake/Merry Christmas one. On all the Instagram pictures of the pretty bands, I noticed that there was a decal for the Mickey head in the middle of the MagicBand.  I couldn’t find these on the website, but after some searching I saw where the site said they came free with a holiday order.  I don’t know if they are always free or if that is just a limited time thing, but hopefully I’ll be able to find them for future orders because it’s so cute and really ties the designs all together.  The decals aren’t crazy expensive either.  When I was ordering, I noticed the newest designs were $3 each, the ones I ordered were $2 each and I even saw some on sale for $1.  Remember, you need 2 for each MagicBand so the total is $6, $4 and $2 per band.


My order processed and shipped really quickly, especially for being the holiday season.  When they got here, I couldn’t wait to put them on my bands.  Here’s a tip.. before you apply your decals to your band, go to their website and actually read the directions.  Admittedly, I’m not much of rule follwer/direction reader but after I tried to put on the first decal and it didn’t look just right I headed straight to the website.  it would make it a tiny bit easier if the directions were printed out and mailed with the decals but it really wasn’t a big deal to stop what I was doing and head to the website.  It’s really a simply process of removing the decal from the paper, warming it up with a hair drying and applying smoothly making sure to rub out all of the bubbles.  I wasn’t warming the decals up at first and I really think that makes all the difference.


Look how cute they are!  My whole family is so excited to wear them.  I’m curious to see how they hold up during our vacation, we go hard you know.  Of course, I’ll give y’all an update on that when I get back.  And just so you know, this isn’t a sponsored post.  I saw them, loved them and thought maybe you would too.


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