Homeschooling Year Round


The 2014-2015 school year was our first ever homeschooling.  Unhappy really isn’t the word I would use to describe her first two years of schooling but I certainly wasn’t satisfied.  She wasn’t getting fed in the subjects she really loved and what I felt would be beneficial to her in the future.  Art, music and foreign language are our passions and those were lacking.  So I set out to do it not better, but differently.  Of course our first year was filled with some challenging moments but for the most part, Addie loved being at home and so did I.  It did take us a few month to find a routine that really worked for us.  After that, the rest of the school year flew by and Addie thrived in a way I never thought possible.  May approached and I began to panic about summer.  What would we do, how would our lives change again?  I just couldn’t and still can’t see our lives without some type of homeschooling going on.  We’ve really embraced it as a lifestyle and not just set hours.   It was actually my daughter who brought up learning in the summer.  We live at the ocean and she was wondering if we could learn about the animals that call it their home.  That set in motion a thought I’d been having for a few months about homeshcooling year round.  I wasn’t sure about what a year round schedule looked like so I did some research to see if I thought it would be something that would work for us.  Throughout this past year we mostly schooled half days, took Fridays off and went on lots of education vacations and field trips.  It turns out I was pretty much following a year round schedule and I didn’t even know it.  So we’ve decided to continue on with what we have been doing and I think everyone is pretty happy.  Our schedule looks something like this:

  • Wake when our bodies are fully rested
  • enjoy breakfast as a family
  • reading time
  • other schoolwork (working on getting all the curriculum)
  • lunch
  • pool time/errands/beach combing
  • evening activities like crossfit or gymnastics

Of course our schedule is always changing and evolving but this has been a really good fit for us.  Are you a year round homeschool family?  I’d love to see what your schedule is like in the comment section below!



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