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DIY Drink Umbrella Wreath

My summer officially started this weekend when a good friend and her family came to visit us.  I always have the best time with her and wanted something fun to jazz up my front door to really kick off the weekend.  After a bit of searching on Pinterest, I came across this drink umbrella wreath.  Even though it didn’t have any directions with the picture, I thought it looked easy enough so I headed out to my local craft store for supplies.

You guys.  This is like the best craft ever.  This wreath cost less than $10.00 to make and I did it in under 30 minutes.  Even the busiest of moms have time for this one.  It was nice to do a craft that had instant gratification.  Sometimes projects I pick are so labor intensive that they take days to complete and they get lost in the shuffle — but not this one! And it’s super cute, too.

IMG_8039 (1)

Okay, so here is whatcha need:

  • Grapevine Wreath.  (While several wreath bases will work, I found this one to be the most functional. It was a lot easier to push the toothpicks into the tiny spaces of the grapevines versus a straw or Styrofoam wreath base. And I know because I tried it out in the store – yeah, I’m one of those people.)
  • Drink Umbrellas, 72 count.  I found these in the tropical party section of Hobby Lobby. I used an entire package of 72. No more, no less.  It worked out perfectly.


Then all I did was start sticking in the open drink umbrellas all around in the wreath.  I was careful not to have colors touching too much, but you could arrange them however you like.  I found it was easiest to sit with the wreath in my lap slightly propped up on a table to see how it was going to look instead of laying it flat on the table.  After I was happy with the it, I hung it on my door and stuck a few more in random places to fill out holes that I may have missed.  And voila! A fun summer wreath to enjoy when your bestie comes over.  And if you make a margarita, there’s no shame in grabbing one out of the wreath to to give your drink a little more pizazz. 🙂

Do you have an inexpensive summer craft you just love? I’d love if you’d share it with me in the comments below.



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