Disney’s Castaway Cay Review


We recently went on a Disney Cruise for Addie’s birthday.  If you’ve been a reader here for awhile you might have read my Day 1 and Day 2 review but if not, I’ll leave the links for you to check out.  Day 3 was a stop at Disney’s Castaway Cay (pronounced Key).  Castaway Cay is an exclusive island in the Bahamas reserved for Guests on Disney cruises.  Castaway Cay is like a real live Typhoon Lagoon at Walt Disney World.  I am in love with the island, the Cast Members that work there and the amenities there are for Guests.  Stopping here was the best part of a Disney Cruise and made it worth every penny we spent.  In fact, we loved it so much the only way we would spend the money to Disney Cruise again is if it is a Double Dipper sailing where the ship stops at Castaway Cay twice.


We woke up bright and early and got some breakfast before the doors on the cruise ship opened.  We lined up about 30 minutes prior to the departure time because I read the seats near Pelican’s Plunge fill up quickly and that’s where I wanted to sit.  There is a tram that takes you from the cruise ship itself to different locations on the island.  The tram was waiting to be full so I decided to walk the island and try to beat it to Pelican’s Plundge. This was such a great idea because I got to take pictures of the island with no one in the background.  It was awesome!  I also had my pick of chairs anywhere I wanted and ended up in the front right right beside the palm tree.  If you have a particular spot in mind you want to sit for the day, I absolutely recommend walking the island before the first tram gets there. Don’t forget to grab some towels from the Cast Members to use for the day when you get off the ship.


Pelican’s Plunge is a floating water park built in the lagoon area.  You have to swim out to the platform so if your child is under 48″ tall, they must wear a life jacket.  I’m 5’0″ and couldn’t touch once I got about halfway out to the platform so you’ll want to keep that in mind if you are not a strong swimmer.  There are two water slides and some water squirters out there to play with.  The water slides are fast and fun.  They sent me and my husband flying into the air before hitting the water.  We spent the majority of the day swimming and sliding in this area and it never got old.  I’m so glad I got a great spot to sit near this area.


Something else I really like about Castaway Cay is that lunch and non alcoholic beverages are considered free (I consider them to be built in to the cost of the cruise).  A great suggestion that was passed on to me was to bring my own beverages cups onto the island to use for the day. The soda cups that are provided are pretty small and wouldn’t last all the way back to your chairs to relax.  I purchased the 36 ounce Bubba tumblers and they were perfect.  They kept our drinks cold and held enough to last us awhile between refills.  If you think you’ll be thirsty in the morning, consider bringing your own drinks off of the ship with you.  I was surprised that the drink stations were not open until closer to lunch time but there was some water in coolers we could fill our cups up with.  Lunch was a tasty bbq and there was something for everyone in my group – including soft serve ice cream and the best banana bread I’ve ever had.


While we were there, we decided to splurge and do the Stingray excursion that is offered on the island.  I had read mixed reviews about it online so I wanted to wait to book it until we were there to see how we are feeling.  I’m really glad we decided to do it.  It was fun, educational and thrillin.  During the 15 minute orientation, we learned a lot about the stingrays on the island and the efforts Disney has put in to conservation around the globe. It was funny and interactive and held my daughter’s attention the whole time.  She even asked some questions during the session, which I always encourage! The one thing they made sure that everyone knew is that the barbs of the stingrays are trimmed regularly so this is a very safe activity.  Then it was time to head into the water.  The stingrays obviously know when feeding time is because as soon as we got in the water they started to line up by the floating trays.  The stingray then swim up onto a tray and you put your hand down int he water and the stingray floats over you and sucks it up.  You can feed them as many times as you want until the food bucket at your station is empty.  My daughter was a little nervous at first but we did it together a few times and then she was like a pro at it. After the feeding part of the adventure was over, you can snorkel for about 30 minutes with the stingrays and try to pet them on their backs.  They are so fast and we had a lot of fun trying to chase them down to pet them! I had a lot of fun doing this excursion and felt like it was worth the $35 per person price.  Other adventures on Castaway Cay include bike rentals, snorkeling rental (although if you bring your own equipment it’s free), tube rental, hair braiding and many other things.  There is no way to do it all in a day so we stuck with 1 excursion for this trip.  My daughter did get her hair wrapped by one of the Bahamian ladies that works on the island.  She was so interesting to talk to and my daughter loved her hair wrap.


Our day on Castaway Cay ended way too soon and I was very sad to get back on the boat. Everything about the island impressed me and I can’t wait to visit again.  Have you visited Castaway Cay? What was your favorite thing about the island?  Tell me in the comment section below!

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