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Disney Cruise Review – Pirate Night


My daughter was so excited for Pirate Night on our first Disney Cruise.  Anytime a Disney Cruise is mentioned, it seems like pirate night and how awesome it is gets brought up.  Let me tell you, it lived up to its reputation.  The Hutnik family had a blast partying like a pirate IN the Caribbean.


Dressing up for Pirate night is totally optional.  You’ll find a range of costumes from full blown pirate wigs and beards to people wearing the complimentary pirate Mickey bandannas.  We fell somewhere in the middle.  We booked our cruise pretty last minute and being a budget traveler, I didn’t want to spend too much money on costumes so late in the game.  I did find an inexpensive costume set for Addie on amazon prime so she was all set.  For Dave and I, I ordered some accessories once again on Amazon Prime and figured I’d pair them with some things we already owned to make our pirate night looks.  I got some really cute pirate themed photo booth props to spruce our outfits up with and I couldn’t pass up the faux parrot.  All in all, I think our costumes came together great and we fit in perfectly for the themed activities.


We enjoyed several of the pirate themed activities throughout the night.  Make sure you refer to your personal navigator for all the activities and plan your time accordingly.  There is no way to do everything, so you’ll need to prioritize exactly what you want to do.  We chose to head straight to the Captain Jack Sparrow Meet and Greet after dinner.  We arrived 30 minutes early and were about 20 back from the front of the line.  The line moved slowly because the Captain spent lots of time with all of his adoring fans.


After the meet and greet, we headed up to the main pool area for the “Pirates in the Caribbean” Deck Party.  The interactive show was cute with Mickey and the gang saving the ship from some surly pirates.  After the show, was the main event of the evening.  Disney Cruises are the only cruise line to have fireworks at sea!  It was a cool sight to see fireworks being shot off from the side of the boat over the open ocean.


The rest of the night was spent walking around the deck meeting characters like Stitch all dressed up like a pirate, playing family trivia and dancing the night away on the lido deck.  We also enjoyed a late night buffet with eats like turkey legs, chili and tacos.  It was the perfect way to end a pirate night!  All in all, we really enjoyed the festivities and we thought it made a great addition to the cruise and can’t wait to do it again.


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