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Best Friends Breakfast Featuring Lilo & Stitch at ‘Ohana Review

For my daughter’s 10th birthday, we let her plan every single detail of our weekend getaway to Walt Disney World.  Anyone that knows her, knows she has a slight obsession with Stitch from the movie Lilo & Stitch.  When it came down to picking her birthday meal, there was no question in her mind – we were doing the Best Friends Breakfast Featuring Lilo & Stitch at ‘Ohana inside Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.


Getting There

If you’re staying at a Walt Disney World Resort, it can be tricky getting to another resort for an early morning breakfast.  Especially because transportation usually doesn’t start running until 1 hour prior to the parks opening.  Our reservation was for 7:30 a.m. right when the restaurant opened so we decided to drive our personal vehicle.  When you arrive at a Walt Disney World Resort, you’ll be stopped at the security gate.  Just mention you have breakfast reservations and show your i.d. and you’ll be let in to park no problem.  If you don’t have a vehicle to take, you have a couple of options.  Depending on when transportation starts running, you can take a Disney bus to Magic Kingdom and then hop on the monorail and get off at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.  The other option is to take a taxi or an Uber.  I’ve used Uber all around the Walt Disney World property and it’s very convenient.


The Restaurant

‘Ohana is located on the second floor of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and is open for breakfast and dinner.  Breakfast is an all-you-care-to-enjoy meal served right to your table family style.  It’s also a character meal.  While characters can vary, it’s been pretty consistent with Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto over the years.  The price for the Best Friends Breakfast is $28.36-$33.62 for Adults and $16.77-$21.90 for children, it’s also 1 table service credit on the Disney Dining Plan.  If you’re an annual passholder, don’t forget to get your discount here. Breakfast is served daily from 7:30a.m.-12:00p.m.

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The Food

When we entered the restaurant, we were immediately greeted by our Cousin (everybody’s family here) and given a plate of pineapple breakfast bread to feast on while got seated.  Then, our server came around and greeted our table with a bowl of fresh fruit and poured us a blend of passion fruit, orange and guava juice.  Up next came out the big platter of yummy food. On the platter was scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, breakfast potatoes, biscuits, Stitch waffles and Mickey waffles.  The initial platter of food wasn’t enough for the 5 of us in my party to share, but since this is an all-you-care-to-enjoy meal we simply requested a second platter and it was brought out to us in no time.  I hate to admit it, but the Stitch waffles were by far my favorite thing on the platter (I’m so sorry Mickey).  I’m sure it’s the exact same batter but the Mickey waffles have so much detail they are pretty crispy whereas the stitch ones are round with much less detail and they were really soft, just like I like them.  The eggs were fine, a little underdone to my liking but certainly edible and the sausage was fantastic!  My family and I were pretty disappointed in the bacon, it was under cooked and super greasy.  I thought it might be because we were one of the first tables served for the morning but our second platter of food, the bacon was no better.  The breakfast potatoes were cooked well and had a nice oniony flavor to them.  The biscuits were also good but the pineapple breakfast bread outshines then so no one was really interested in them.  Addie also got surprised by our server with a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and Mickey sprinkles for dessert because it was her birthday.  Such a fun treat to start the day.  All in all, I think the breakfast food was good.  We dinned at the Garden Grill for breakfast not too long ago and I think the food is a lot better there. In the same way I feel like the Garden Grill is pricey, so is the Best Friends Breakfast.  I do feel like the overall character experience and restaurant ambiance is much, much better at the Best Friends Breakfast.


The Character Experience

One of the best parts about this meal, is that its a character experience.  Not only did we meet Mickey and Pluto, we got to meet Lilo & Stitch.  This is the only place on Walt Disney World property that you can meet these two, so it’s a super fun exclusive.  All four characters will come around to each table, so make sure to wait your turn.  All four of them will sign autograph books or whatever you’ve brought to be signed.  Just make sure if it’s a hat or shirt, it’s not on your body.  They will all also take pictures.  Addie got several individual pictures with the characters and then we all jumped in for a family shot.  When Stitch comes to your table, a Photopass Photographer comes with him.  The photographer will take several pictures of the experience with his camera but you can ask him or her to take pictures with your camera as well and they’ll be more than happy to do it.  The 3 other characters don’t have a Photopass Photographer with them so you’re on your own for those shots. All of the characters except for Stitch really took their time at our table but because of the photographer the interaction with Stitch felt rushed.  Of course, Addie didn’t notice this at all and was thrilled beyond belief to have spent a minute with him. That was more of my observation.  And then, after all the characters had pretty much made their way throughout the restaurant, music began and the characters invited all the children to get out of their seats for a fun parade.  There was some dancing, some maraca shaking and a whole lot of smiles going on as the kids made their way in front of each table for pictures.



We had a really nice time at the Best Friends Breakfast featuring Lilo & Stitch.  Our server was attentive, the food was tasty and the characters were all very sweet and fun.  Because of the cost, this isn’t a meal we would do every time we visit Walt Disney World but it makes for a fun celebration.  It’s especially convenient if you get an early morning reservation and then plan to spend the rest of the Day at Magic Kingdom because of its location on the monorail.  I give it an 8 out of 10.


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