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A Magical Extra – Being Jr. Mayor of Magic Kingdom

I think a lot of people wonder why I go to Walt Disney World so much.  But the truth is that each time I go, I end up having a lot of new experiences.  It’s a lot of fun to be somewhere so familiar but doing new things each time we visit.  It’s really a place unlike anywhere else and I feel really lucky and I can experience the magic so much.

This past visit, my daughter got sprinkled with pixie dust in a way I didn’t even know existed.  At Magic Kingdom, we were hungry for lunch but I wanted something a little different than a quick service meal. My family had never been to the Plaza Restaurant so I thought that this would be a perfect time for them to try it out.  We walked up to the check in podium and were told that there would be about a 45 minute wait.  No problem, we put our name in and went to find a place to sit down.  Unexpectedly, less than 5 minutes later our pager was already going off!  We were whisked inside the restaurant to a quaint little table near the windows with a great view of Cinderella Castle.


After ordering, we were chit chatting with each other and our lovely server.  Disney Cast Members really are the best and we enjoyed getting to know several of them while we were at the Plaza.  All of a sudden, in walks in Chief Smokey.  We love seeing the Fire Chief walking around Main Street U.S.A in the mornings after the Welcome Show.  The Citizens of Main Street U.S.A are actually some of my favorite Cast Members to interact with.  They have a love of Magic Kingdom like I do and it shows in everything they do.  While we were munching on our appetizer, by the way the loaded fries are amazing, Chief Smokey is mingling around the room stopping at each table to welcome friends to Magic Kingdom.  Before he could get to our table, in walks a PhotoPass Photographer and our server asks what my daughter’s name is.  Kind of suspicious but I still didn’t read to much into it.  With a big ole grin and a thunderous laugh, Fire Chief Smokey gets the restaurants attention.  He announces that the Mayor isn’t at Magic Kingdom today and there needs to be a Jr. Mayor in his place.  He marches right over to our table and asks if Addie would be up for the job.  Of course, delight just sweeps over her face as she accepts the position.  The whole restaurant erupted in a hip hip hooray for the newest Jr. Mayor of Magic Kingdom.  Oh, how special it was!  The Chief awarded Addie a blue ribbon to commemorate her position and a golden FastPass for any attraction she’d like to use it on that day. Then they privately conversed about anything she’d like to see done around the place while she’s in charge.  Addie mentioned she would really love to see the old Welcome Show stay around and I think he agreed but sadly there was nothing to be done about that.  They posed for a few more pictures and off he went.  Addie could not stop smiling the rest of our lunch, and neither could Dave or I.  I had never heard of that happening before so It was totally unexpected and it made our entire day.

Image-1 (2)

After lunch, we continued our day in Magic Kingdom.  You know Disney has a way of making good things even better and it just kept looking up for the Jr. Mayor of Magic Kingdom.  Lots of Cast Members went out of their way to make her feel special.  Most, like me, had never heard about a Jr. Mayor but that didn’t stop them from indulging her and making a big fuss.  Here is the magic continued…

She used her golden FastPass to ride Splash Mountain.  Even I rode it with her, and I despise getting wet on rides.

IMG_0992 (1)

Then she got to ride Space Mountain 2 times in a row, with no wait.  They seriously ushered her into a private area and let her get right back on again!

IMG_1021 (1)

After that, she took a pictures with some seriously cool ladies from the Disney Parks Moms Panel. 🙂

IMG_0993 (1)

And when she went to pay for a Dole Whip Float to cap off her seriously awesome day, she was given it for free.  They just couldn’t charge the Jr. Mayor.  Wow!

IMG_1014 (1)

That’s a lot of magic wrapped up into one full day!  It was unexpected and a total delight.  Just one of the many reasons I keep going back vacation after vacation.  Walt Disney World is such a special place, and if you ever get the opportunity to go, take it.  You never know what magic is waiting around the corner for you.


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