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A Fun New Way To Collect Disney Character Autographs

Are y’all on Instagram? It is quickly becoming my very favorite social media outlet (you can find me here).  There are so many pretty things to look at over there, and I am constantly finding new, fun people to follow.  Some of my very favorites are small businesses that sell handmade goods on Etsy or on their own sites.  Self admittedly,  I am a fan of all things Disney related so I love seeing all the cool shirts, ears, jewelry and miscellaneous things that get shared. You know when you follow a page on Instagram and then it suggests you follow other pages based on similarities…oh my gosh, that can really suck me in!

Well, quite some time ago I was in the time suck vortex of Disney goodies on Instagram and I came across a girl who goes by Casey And The Bear.  She’s the creator of the popular Parkbound Buttons.  If you don’t know what a Parkbound Button is, you can check out her site but it’s basically a round button that you can wear to the parks or in your everyday life that have characters on them or funny sayings and whatnot.  One of my favorites is of Minnie Mouse and Daisy, on a pink button, that says, “On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink” – from the movie Mean Girls, of course! There’s a lot of cute things like that.


Recently, I noticed, she released a new line of giant buttons and I knew I had to order one for Addie’s birthday bash at Walt Disney World.  Giant buttons are a 6 inch button that have a strong magnet on the back and a collapsible stand on them.  Right now, there are 5 varieties of giant buttons, including the It’s My Birthday button I got for Addie.  What she is suggesting you do with the giant buttons are to take them to the parks and have the characters autograph them.  Isn’t that such a fun idea?!  I mean, autograph books usually go somewhere in a drawer and are forgotten about but you can put these giant buttons just about anywhere with the magnet and stand.  I was a little bit worried about the finish on the button but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my package and found that the finish is matte and markers weren’t going to smear.  The button I got for Addie cost me $15.00 and arrived super quick.


Addie had so much fun with her giant birthday button on her special day.  First of all, it’s huge, so you can’t miss it.  The characters and photopass photographers all wanted to check it out.  I purchased the ultra fine black sharpie clickable markers and they wrote perfectly on the button all day long.  I’m so glad I got the ultra fine markers for the button, we were able to fit a lot of signatures on it without it looking too crowded.

Image-1 (18)

Addie got to pick what she wanted to do for her 3 day weekend birthday bash.  On her actual day, we had 2 character meals and went to all 4 parks – yes we were exhausted.  The giant button made a great prop to take pictures with at all the iconic spots.   She loved it and it’s proudly on display on the desk in her room.  Here are some of our fun pictures with the giant button throughout the day!

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